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Triquetra – protects from demons and can even make you bulletproof


A Celtic symbol that can protect you from demons and even make you bulletproof?

If it is good enough for Keanu Reeves then it is good enough for us!


Celtic symbols have played an important role in people’s lives for centuries, often because of the beliefs of spiritual and supernatural properties they have.

The triquetra is one Celtic symbol that is surrounded by spiritual beliefs.

The trio of equal intertwining points are often used to represent the power of three. The ancient Celts believed most important elements of life came in threes:

• The three stages of life of childhood, adulthood and old age
• The three elements of the earth, sea and sky
• The passage of time can be broken down into the past, present and future.

The symbol was also used by Christians to represent the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.

Throughout history the Triquetra has been an important symbol.

Keanu Reeves starred as the title character in the 2005 supernatural thriller Constantine.

The movie saw Constantine battle numerous demons, half-demons and other hellish characters.

The other key character in the movie is Angela Dodson, played by Rachel Weisz, a police detective investigating the suicide of her twin sister.

The two team up to fight the baddies together and they encounter all sorts of good and bad supernatural beings.

One such character is Father Hennessey, an alcoholic priest who has the ability to communicate with the dead.

Father Hennessey is in possession of a pendant featuring the Triquetra symbol.

It is described as a “bulletproof vest in the spiritual sense”.

The pendant is passed on to Dodson to protect her, as she and Constantine continue their adventure battling demons.

Don’t worry there is no spoilers here, you will have to watch the movie to find out if the Triquetra successfully protected our heroes. Here is the trailer if you.

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