Framed Your Name in Ogham

  • £75.00

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Follow in the footsteps of your Irish ancestors and have your name written in old Irish and the Ogham translation, the mysterious language of ancient Ireland. Your personalised print is bordered by a beautiful Celtic knot design with a classic symbol of Ireland in each corner.

Ogham is the oldest known form of written Irish. It consists of an alphabet made of 20 characters named after types of tree. Centuries ago these letters would have been carved into stones, sticks or trees to mark territory.

These exclusive and personalised prints would make an extra special gift for a friend or loved one. Choose from a selection of colours and sizes and celebrate your Irish heritage with something truly unique.

Use the box provided to type in your Irish surname.

The frame measures approximately 47x56 cm (18.5 x 22in) and is 1.5cm thick (just over a half inch) with a mount surrounding the 40x30cm (approx16x12in) image. It is covered by a durable clear plastic making it less likely to break and lighter to hang while still keeping the appearance and clarity of glass.

Due to very high shipping costs these framed prints are currently only available to customers from Europe and the USA. If you would like to purchase one and live outside these areas, then please contact us.