7. Duir - Oak - June 10 to July 7

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Qualities: strong, protective, optimistic, harmonious

Known as king of the forest for its strength and longevity, the oak is most sacred to the Druids and the word Druid comes from the Celtic word for oak ‘Duir’.
According to some accounts, one of the five magic trees of Ireland, The Tree of Mugna, was thought to be a mighty oak tree. This tree was the inspiration for poets and bards, who, in some legends, overturned the tree themselves to save it the humiliation of being cut down by Christian monks as a symbol of paganism, as the other magic trees were.

Crystal glass pendant with a silver-plated base on a silver-plated snake chain.
Each one is handmade to order and comes in its own magnetic presentation box.
Choose your preferred length and colour using the drop down menu.