8. Silver Tinne - Holly - Jul 8 to Aug 4

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Qualities: natural leaders, determined, generous

In Celtic mythology, the holly was the evergreen twin of the oak. While the oak was the controller of the light half of the year, the holly controlled the dark, winter months. It was also associated with the Celtic god of thunder, Taranis, and was often planted near dwellings to protect folk from lightning strikes.
Druids believed the holly to possess protective qualities, guarding against evil spirits and witchcraft. It was thought that bringing the leaves inside during the winter months would provide shelter for the fairy folk, who in return would be kind to those who inhabited the dwelling.

Sterling silver pendant with a crystal glass front on a delicate sterling silver 18 inch curb chain.
Handmade to order in its own stylish presentation box.

Pendant diameter: 20mm (3/4 inch)

Material: Sterling silver and crystal glass

Chain Material: Sterling silver

Chain length: 56 cm (18inch)

Gift Box included