9. Coll - Hazel - August 5 to September 1

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Qualities: organised, intelligent, efficient

Hazel is the tree found at the center of the Otherworld, or the World’s End. In Celtic mythology, nine magical hazel trees hang over the sacred Well of Wisdom dropping their hazelnuts into the well. The water of the well flows into streams where the magical nuts are eaten by the Salmon of Wisdom. Those who consume either the nuts or the fish will gain prophetic abilities.
According to folklore, hazel could often be found with the apple and the hawthorn at the borders between worlds where magical things are believed to occur. In many myths the hazel has a guardian. In Ireland, Bile Ratha, the poetic fairy lives in the hazel.

Crystal glass pendant with a silver-plated base on a silver-plated snake chain.
Each one is handmade to order and comes in its own magnetic presentation box.
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