5. Silver Saille - Willow - Apr 15 to May12

  • £28.15

Qualities: creative, intelligent, intuitive, non-judgmental

The Willow was a sacred tree to the Celts both for the wide range of materials it provided and for its unique beauty and spiritual presence.
In the Druid stories, the universe was hatched from two eggs hidden within the willow tree. One formed the sun and the other the Earth. At Bealtaine this story was re-enacted using painted eggs, a practice later adopted by the Christians and named Easter.
Willows are also associated with movement. If uprooted by forces of nature they are able to drift with the tide and set down roots wherever they end up to begin anew.

Sterling silver pendant with a crystal glass front on a delicate sterling silver 18 inch curb chain.
Handmade to order in its own stylish presentation box.

Pendant diameter: 20mm (3/4 inch)

Material: Sterling silver and crystal glass

Chain Material: Sterling silver

Chain length: 56 cm (18inch)

Gift Box included