13. Silver Ruis - Elder - Nov 25 to Dec 23

  • £28.15

Qualities: exciting, truthful, philosophical, extroverted

In Ireland, the elder was considered a sacred tree and, like the hawthorn, it was forbidden to cut one down.
Elderflower wine was said to be drunk at the Beltane celebrations and elderberries were made into a wine at Samhain which was consumed to promote divination and hallucinations.
The elder was a highly respected tree in the old Celtic land. It was said to protect from evil spirits as well as inviting them. A flute made of elder could be used to summon spirits and, in Scotland, if you stand under an elder tree at Samhain it is said you will be able to see the fairies riding by.

Sterling silver pendant with a crystal glass front on a delicate sterling silver 18 inch curb chain.
Handmade to order in its own stylish presentation box.

  • Pendant diameter: 20mm (3/4 inch)
  • Material: Sterling silver and crystal glass
  • Chain Material: Sterling silver
  • Chain length: 56 cm (18inch)
  • Gift Box included