11. Gort - Ivy - Sep 30 to Oct 27

  • £28.15

Qualities: compassionate, loyal, resilient, intelligent

Ivy has many superstitions and beliefs attached to it. It was believed to be very powerful by the Druids, more powerful than its enemy, the vine and quite sinister.
In old Ireland ivy was thought to provide protection from evil when growing on or near to a dwelling. However, if it should die or fall down then misfortune would fall upon those therein.
Ivy is associated with good luck and fertility. At Yule-tide it was believed to bring peace to the household. Ivy was also linked to inspiration and often worn by poets in the form of a crown.

Sterling silver pendant with a crystal glass front on a delicate sterling silver 18 inch curb chain.
Handmade to order in its own stylish presentation box.

Pendant diameter: 20mm (3/4 inch)

Material: Sterling silver and crystal glass

Chain Material: Sterling silver

Chain length: 56 cm (18inch)

Gift Box included