10. Silver Muin - Vine - Sep 2 to Sep 29

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Qualities: focused, adaptable, fun, refined

The vine is not native to the cool climate of Northern Europe but the bramble shares the winding characteristics and bares sweet fruit like the vine. This is why the ogham muin could represent either the vine or the bramble.
Ireland, has had a long love affair with the vine and the drink it provides, believed to loosen the tongue, release inhibitions and consumed by seers to stimulate prophecy.
The vine is known as the tree of joy, exhilaration and wrath and is believed to be one of the sacred woods burned on the Beltane fires.

Sterling silver pendant with a crystal glass front on a delicate sterling silver 18 inch curb chain.
Handmade to order in its own stylish presentation box.

Pendant diameter: 20mm (3/4 inch)

Material: Sterling silver and crystal glass

Chain Material: Sterling silver

Chain length: 56 cm (18inch)

Gift Box included